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Mission Statement

It is the goal of ReVision Editing Agency to earnestly partner in the development of our writers’ literary dreams both within the imagination and throughout the written page. To maintain a standard of excellence and integrity, and to support, encourage, and inspire those who place their trust in us.

Welcome to ReVision Editing Agency, offering project coaching, substantive and copy editing services to both new and seasoned writers alike. If you are in need of a comprehensive edit for a recently completed novel or simply looking to polish up a book proposal of a nonfiction work, ReVision can help prepare your project to dazzle prospective publishing houses.

Many publishers not only expect, but require that an author’s material be nearly print-ready upon submission.  This shift in standards separates the novice writer from those truly committed to their craft and willing to take those extra steps needed to get their book noticed and ultimately published. Consider it an investment in your career success.

We hope you will view this exciting time in publishing as an opportunity to learn, grow, and find your place within the publishing community. Allow ReVision Editing Agency to help you achieve that goal.