“Being a beginner writer with a unique story to tell, finding Kimberly was essential. She is very professional and competent; really knows her craft. She is the perfect balance of patience and taskmaster, and kept me on track. Kimberly is easy to work with, outlines her expectations, is prompt, and a delight to speak with. I highly recommend her services.” — Dr. Patti Giebink; Nonfiction The Physician

“Kimberly is highly skilled and professional in her literary services. She has done both writing and editing projects for David C Cook, and I always know I can count on her for timely, high-quality work. Whether you need a ghost writer, a collaborator, or an editor, she’ll bring excellence, enthusiasm, and fun to your project.” — Alice Crider; Director of Acquisitions & Development, David C Cook Publishing

“Kimberly did the developmental edit on my memoir, Farming Grace (releasing in January of 2019). She was spot on in creating a methodical design for my story, discovering a running theme, and ensuring character arcs for all the main players. Her excellent feedback also guided me in chapter building, sentence structure, and conflict/resolution. I highly recommend her as a way to tighten and polish your manuscript and put the best possible face on it before moving forward in your publishing journey.” — Paula Scott; author of The Mother Keeper

“My manuscript was already edited, and I being thoroughly coached, realized that the work still lacked continuity. It needed a fresh eye. Kimberly Shumate took on the task of cleaning up the cliché-ridden text and cutting the unimportant content, leaving me with much to consider. I know what I hold in my hand now is clearer and more concise because she made the hard choices. She was recommended by a major publisher, and now I know why. Thank you, Kimberly!” – Denise Broadwater; author of Amish Woman in an English World

“Kimberly… Thank you for not only believing in me by seeking a deal for this book, but also helping me write my journey to freedom from emotional incarceration. Without you, this would have never happened! Your experience and leadership in writing gracefully pushed me through the difficult process of revisiting my traumatic past. You are an awesome friend, writer and coach. You truly deserve to be recognized with the best.” — Jason Wilson; Founder of The Cave of Adullam; Memoir Cry Like a Man, David C Cook Publishing.

“Kimberly has served as an Expert Advisor for the Doctor of Ministry Program at George Fox  University since 2010. This role includes providing initial consultation with students working on popular writing projects to help them identify resources, parameters, and standards of excellence for the respective genre of their projects, follow up guidance along the way, final pass / no pass evaluation of the project, and participation in the oral defense. We at George Fox have been delighted with her partnership with us and expert guidance of our students. We highly recommend her for working with persons pursuing writing projects.” – Loren Kerns; George Fox University

“I owe Kimberly a huge debt of gratitude for her unwavering support in my marathon effort to become a published novelist. While I had a BA in English and some success in reaching quarter finalist status in the highly competitive “Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest,” the real education began when I joined the family of authors at Living Word Agency in 2010. Kimberly taught me so much in terms of how to structure a professional book proposal and provided specific insights for editing manuscripts. This process encompassed 3 novels over several years targeting both Christian and secular publishers. In the process, Kimberly shared her insights about a tough and competitive industry. Even after our contract ended, I remained in touch with Kimberly to seek her advice and truly wise counsel. Kimberly is professional, market savvy and a role model for collaboration. She works very hard on your behalf and is always there to provide support. As an ending note, my novel Chasing Mayflies did make it to publication this year and I have included my appreciation to Kimberly in the acknowledgements.” – Vin Donovan; author of Chasing Mayflies

“Kimberly is the best at copy and substantive editing! Her in depth notes helped me to elevate my personal story into a memoir that I hoped it would be. She continued to encourage me to not settle for a mediocre project, but to press on for a final project I could be proud of.  I appreciated her gracious and kind spirit very much.” — Amos Raber of ByGrace Ministry; Amish recording artist and author of PLAIN Redemption 

“Kimberly Shumate served as assistant to my international publishing position. We’ve also co-authored several writing projects, with Kimberly spearheading the writing and editing. She demonstrates outstanding organizational, follow-up, and communication skills. She gives careful attention to detail and has a solid track record for managing multiple projects within deadlines. As her supervisor and writing/creative partner, I know Kimberly will get the project done well, on time, and with a fun, positive outlook as the icing on the cake.” – Rob Elliott, author of Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids

“Kimberly Shumate is a gem. I would read anything from her, anytime, any day and be able to receive some type of inspiration. She is spot on, her editing is impeccable, and she is what the writing world needs more of.” – Regan Long; Huffington Post contributor

“Kimberly did excellent work at all the editorial tasks assigned her. Very personable and professional.” – Nicholas Harrison; author, editor, agent