Relax… the editing process will NOT blow you away. It’s actually very simple. Just remember that we only accept electronic submissions via

Getting to know each other with an initial critique…

You are invited to email 5 pages via Word doc (double-spaced, 1 x 1 margins, 12 point Times New Roman font) for a $25.00 fee. The process allows the editor to review the material and connect with the author before moving forward in a direction that  best serves the writer.

The edit will be done on the screen within Word with “Track Changes” engaged, and comprehensive notes will be supplied to the author. This gives the author a chance to view all changes as well as receive a clean document.

Agreement of service(s) will be rendered viable with an email exchange—as acting contract—between ReVision Editing Agency and the author prior to start of the project. This will include a fee quote, with payment to be made before the project begins.